Annual Maintenance Contract

The 21st Century is the information age and every industry relies on technology to manage the information that they generate. This means that the underlying IT infrastructure has to be extremely robust to enable your organization’s growth. A poor IT infrastructure can in fact, become such a burden that the mental hassle may impede you from reaching your organization’s desired mission. You can sign an AMC with Bright Oriana Proprietary.


Annual Maintenance Contract is a signed agreement between two parties where in one party agrees to maintain IT assets owned by another. Annual Maintenance contract for IT services (or IT/ITes AMC) can include AMC for servers, AMC for storage and AMC for network, AMC for laptops, AMC for desktops.

AMC for laptops and desktops

AMC for laptops and desktops include comprehensive parts replacement, engineer support, user account management, network management, server management, cyber security management on laptops, and desktops.

AMC for Servers

A server provides data requests and sends back the information received on the network. AMC for servers includes maintenance of servers to ensure high up-times and low down-times. It includes regular updates, back-ups, monitoring, diagnostics, and patching to ensure the high availability of data.

AMC for Storage

Storage devices store digital data by means of computing technology. AMC for storage can include all support as for a server, however, routine maintenances are much higher due to the fact that the storage needs for an organization need to adjust to changing demands. The maintenance contract also includes a plan for disaster recovery in case of loss of data and a mechanism to retrieve the lost information by providing regular back-ups ensuring business continuity.

AMC for Network

A network is a group of two or more computers linked together. Network hardware, are physical devices that are required for communication between devices on a computer network. AMC for Network can include all support as for a server, however, it also includes network security, network switch maintenance, network router maintenance and wireless network maintenance.

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