IT Audits & Outsourcing

The practice of outsourcing IT has experienced consistent growth for several years. Enterprises are choosing to concentrate on their core capabilities, cost reduction, and the ability to tap into specialized resources. This situation creates a need for an outsourced IT audit program that provides management with an assessment of the effectiveness of numerous aspects of an outsourced IT strategy.

Our Bright Oriana Proprietary team offers tailored solutions to meet your needs by providing the services on focusing top-level governance, guidelines, and procedures, as well as the implementation of these controls. Provide management with an evaluation of the effectiveness of outsourced IT strategy, selection, onboarding, relationship maintenance, and optimization, and other controls.

The audit/assurance review relies upon other operational audits of the procurement process, IT governance, third-party vendor management risks, security management and awareness, business continuity management, information security management, and governance and management practices of both IT and the outsourced IT vendor.

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